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Quran Level 1 – Qaida Nuraniyah

Quran Level 1 – Qaida Nuraniyah Adults Edition A journey from Nuraniyah to Quran with a 5 years old Sumayyah. Nuraniyyah is the:

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  • EASIEST and the FASTEST method of learning Quran reading.
  • A SYSTEMATIC curriculum:
  1. Arabic Letters – Huroof
  2. Arabic Vowels – Harakat
  3. Long Vowels – Madd
  4. Resting Sound – Sukoon
  5. Emphasis – Shaddah
  6. Rules of Noon
  • 100% PRACTICAL lessons with exercises  and practical tests
  • Learn with a SMILE
  • Attain CONFIDENCE in reading Arabic and reciting Quran with Tajweed

Learning to read the Quran is so easy that even a five years old child can learn it.

Quran Level 1 – Qaida Nuraniyah Adults Edition

Acquiring the right accent and pronunciation takes time and plenty of repetition. Therefore you need to teach small parts of the book over a period of time (suitable for your child) and make sure he or she repeats each part multiple times. Once he masters a lesson he should now be able to recognize the alphabets and words by himself and pronounce them correctly. Make sure you go back and revise previous lessons regularly. Test your child regularly to make sure previous lessons are not forgotten. It’s important that you set a schedule for the week and stick to it. If you want results then regularity is key!

Make sure you set a study plan or a simple schedule. Be Regular!

As you will see the course gradually develops the reading skill of the child in a unique and effective manner covering all the possible consonant combinations he is going to come across when reading the Quran and other Arabic texts. This also covers 95% of the tajweed rules of the Quran, meaning that if he masters the correct pronunciation of these words he can read the Quran correctly more or less with memorizing any tajweed rules.

Who this course is for:

  • Designed for all mature students, preferably ages 10+
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