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Learn Quran Reading with Tajweed

In the course of (Learn Quran Reading with Tajweed), You will learn how to recite every Surah in the Juz 30 with Proper Tajweed.

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I will recite every Aya 2 times with different speed rates. you can observe how can I recite then Showing the common mistakes from my long experience.

we will listen to Sheikh Al Husari the most famous Reciter in the World.
May Allah make it easy for you.

Learn Quran Reading with Tajweed is important. The Quran is the speech of Allah in the Arabic language. People who strive to learn the Quran are the most fortunate people on the earth because they are striving to understand the most profound source of knowledge in the whole universe in the words of the Creator of all the worlds!

That is why proper Tajweed is obligatory while learning how to read Quran. With the rules of tajweed, you can learn and read Quran in a better way.

Since the Quran is the speech of Allah, Subhan a Hu WA Ta’alah, it is extremely necessary to pronounce the Arabic words of the Quran exactly, accurately, and correctly, so that their meaning is not distorted, nor any disrespect caused to the Lord of all the worlds, due to mispronunciation.

Tajweed revolves around the exact articulation points of different Arabic letters and how they are used within sentences. Each and every alphabet has its own method of pronunciation.

step by step we shall cover all these concepts, In Sha Allah.

There are numerous symbols and points of pausation, elongation, stopping, etc that a reader must know in order to recite with precision. All of these different rules can only be understood with practical examples given via live tutoring sessions.

At many places in the Holy Quran, the reader must be silent for certain letters. These instances are not impossible to recognize. There are specific symbols for such silence during recitation. Letters on their own have a unique sound whereas when appearing in combination, they possess other attributes.

Who this course is for:

  • all Muslims Who want to learn how to recite The Holy Quran in proper Tajweed
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