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Learn the Arabic Language with fun

 Welcome, all to learn the Arabic Language for the moment, that moment which you would be eager to understand what is going around if you have Arab friends, or you are living in an Arab country that required the language daily.Learn the Arabic Language with fun

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This course is like support giving to a toddler, who takes his first steps toward knowledge in discovering the surroundings. It’s going to provide you key points to be able to understand, write and pronounce the Arabic letters and words. Therefore, in this course, I will be using PowerPoint slides screencasting, and video recordings to have all the possible means available for you to transfer the information needed and cover up the required lessons in a very good way.

I will be providing you with some information about the Arabic Language history first

to know what is the value in learning such language that you will gain.

I will present letters and compare them with the English Language alphabet, along with the most tricky letters, which you won’t find in another language.

I will present Diacritical Marks to you as well in the third class. the types of verbs in the Arabic Language.

you will be having a supporting class to shift you into another green wide landscape.

I will be introducing the pronouns and dual. which is a unique element positioned between the singular and the plural, and eventually, daily sentences used for routine communications.

After each of these classes, we are going to have quizzes, exercises and some activities in the class itself before it ends to ensure the understanding of the material learned during each one of them.

Who this course is for:

  • Non-Arabic Language Speakers
  • English Language speakers.
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