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Complete Arabic Reading Course

Complete Arabic Reading Course: Reading Arabic is not rocket science…With the least amount of effort and time and expert-level instruction and instructor, you are just days away from reading Arabic with confidence.

With only 6 sections containing 23, 100% live lessons with Audio and Video, you are about to experience the magic of learning Arabic Reading. We are on Facebook now

  1. Section 1: Arabic Letters
  2. Section 2: Single & Double Vowels
  3. Section 3: Long Vowels
  4. Section 4: Absence of Vowels
  5. Section 5: Emphasis
  6. Section 6: Reading Exercises

Literally, in a matter of days, you will be able to read Arabic. I believe in my skills and my students.

Read Arabic daily, and push yourself to complete reading something in Arabic every day. Reading is foundational to enriching your vocabulary and engraining Arabic structures and styles of discourse into your thinking. It is not difficult to find materials to read in Arabic, whether news, commentary, religion, social media or any other forms. Try to read things through to their end even when you don’t understand every word. The discipline of reading to the end (whether a chapter, blog entry, tweet, or article) overcomes our tendency to drop focus when we don’t understand everything.

Reading Arabic as a life skill

I remember standing in Tahrir Square in Cairo in 1991 with a friend who was telling me where he lived, and he pointed in a certain direction and said “Do you see that billboard for Mustapha Ali?”. Mustapha Ali was a company that sold, if I recall correctly, lighting fixtures. My eyes scanned the multitude of billboards in the busy square, and suddenly found the Mustapha Ali one… written مصطفى علي. Suddenly, I felt this incredible feeling of accomplishment, that I had actually negotiated one very small aspect of life using my newly developed skill of reading in Arabic.

Who this course is for:

  • Complete beginners who wish to read Arabic with confidence
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